where to buy provigil in bangkok Jeanne & Kim, athletes and scholars growing up, found balance in life by staying active in the body and eating proper nutrition.  However, like most Americans, we were given lots of misinformation about “proper nutrition” and “healthcare”, and suffered from migraines, acid reflux, anxiety and other forms of dis-ease at a very young age.  As we’ve gotten a bit older, we have come to understand that there is more to our overall health than just going to the gym and eating a salad.  We also need to address our consumption habits, which affect our emotional and physical well-being.

http://popupslollipops.com/13209-alkeran-uk.html Jeanne & Kim tend to go deep when there is a contemplative subject.  Both academics, yogis and lovers of nature, we would discuss the roots of our ailments, from societal to environmental to individual.  In reflecting on the state of our body-mind health, we realized that our bodies act like a storage facility for a lifetime of unprocessed emotions and toxic chemicals.  We are inundated with industrial and synthetically created products, including our cleaning products, hair products, food, drink, and we’ve even created a synthesized version of a human with botox and silicone.  We are so far removed from nature, that our bodies are no longer speaking the language of our consumption habits.

We decided, in order to overcome the synthetic overdose, we must turn to organic, natural, plant-based medicine and products.  Whole foods, non-synthetic products and pure essential oils can act as an antidote to the side effects of this imbalance, can reconnect us to nature and help us to remember our own sense of whole-ness.